Relationship Addiction

Relationship addictionoften goes hand in hand with compulsive overeating or an eating disorder.

Relationship addiction

#what it means;

#why we do it;

#where we learned it;

#how to change our style of loving into a healthier way of relating.

Relationship addiction means obsessing about the man and calling this obsession “love”. “Love” in that case is measured by the amount of pain you get out from the relationship. Deep inside you believe that love can not go without torturement.

This is an addiction to doomed relationships with emotionally unavailable men. That obsession controls your emotions, behaviour, negatively influences your health and well-being and you find yourself unable to let go of it.

Emotionally unavailable man is the man who does not show his affection and true feelings either because it is in his nature, he has an alcoholic addiction or any other type of addiction. Such a man is very attractive to a certain type of women. Also such women are often attracted to married men as they are also “unavailable” in a certain way.

This type of women usually comes from a dysfunctional family.

Dysfunctional family is defined as:

#inability to discuss their problems;

#family roles  remain rigid;

#no one discusses what affects each family member-we live in conflict and learn to believe that our perceptions and feelings are wrong;

#competitive and jealous mother.

Characteristics of women who stay in dysfunctional relationships:

#you come from a dysfunctional home where your emotional needs were not met and you know how to suffer because you learnt that from home-we tend to recreate the emotional atmosphere of our childhood in adult life;

#you become a care-giver, especially to needy men, because you try to fill your unmet need of not being nurtured properly in childhood;

#you respond to emotionally unavailable men whom you try to change through your love because you didn’t “win” the battle with your parents-that is you haven’t made them love you and care for you like you wanted them to;

#fear of abandonment- you go to extreme lengths to keep the  relationship going;

#you are willing to wait, hope and try harder to please because you are used to lack of love;

#take most guilt, blame and responsibility in the relationship;

#low self-esteem and you don’t believe that you deserve love and being happy. You believe that you must deserve the right to be happy first and you do not know what unconditional love and self-love is.

#need to control him and his life because of little security in your childhood,  so you mask your efforts to control people and situations as “being helpful”;

#you don’t see the reality of the situation and not in touch with your true self;

Other signs of women who love too much include addiction to alcohol, drugs or sugary foods. Women in dysfunctional relationships avoid focusing on themselves because they become involved in painful, difficult and chaotic situations and prefer to fix others.

Moreover, in most cases, such women have an underlying depression that they try to overcome by the excitement of an unstable relationship with an emotionally unavailable man. “Nice” men seem to be boring to them.

Consultations are aimed to undercover the underlying issues of why you stay in such a relationship, your deep-rooted beliefs, childhood experiences and help you to get on the track of recovery and living in peace with yourself.

During the course of consultations:

1. you will learn about the underlying issues of your food behaviour;

2. you will learn new ways how to behave around food healthily and how to eat healthily, so you will establish a healthy relationship with food;

3. you will learn to understand yourself and your feelings related to food and other life areas;

4. you will learn to deal with and control your emotions and behaviour in terms of food;

By learning to understand yourself and your emotions, dealing with them successfully and following a specific nutrition programme designed for you, you will lose weight or gain weight or overcome your eating disorder depending on your initial goal.

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