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Have you ever asked yourself a question about what harmony is? What determines your health and state of well-being? Have you ever tried losing weight and then failed to keep it there but put it back on or failed to lose it altogether? Why is that?

Weight loss, eating disorders, emotional overeating and all the psychological complications associated with them are among the problems that worry a lot of people these days.

Most people are motivated by attractive body and ideal shape, some others have health issues due to obesity. Duchess of Windsor once said “You can never be too thin or too rich” and this statement reflects the importance we nowadays place on physical appearance and weight control. It is possible to eat and lose weight. It only depends on the content of our meals and how we distribute them throughout the day.

My goal is to help you establish healthy eating patterns, instill new lifestyle habits and acquire a new set of skills to maintain healthy weight and ensure a long-lasting result and permanent change.

My Journey To Health and My Book

My journey to health has been a long one. I went from having an eating disorder to finally living in harmony with myself and my body.

I am a nutritionist but also specialise in psychology and treatment of eating disorders. In addition to degree in nutrition, I hold some other diplomas in areas such as psychology of eating disorders and alcohol and drug addiction studies.

As a result of certain life experiences I wrote a book called “Newly Born: How to Succeed at The Mental Game of Losing Weight”, which is can be ordered from any book store or online at Waterstone’s website or Amazon.

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It explores the relationship between mind, body and soul and looks at these three components working in harmony when the person is healthy.

Newly Born: How to Succeed at The Mental Game of Losing Weight

“Newly Born” discloses the unconscious reasons and motives behind the weight problem and why we have such a hard time losing weight and why for some of us it is actually comfortable to be overweight. It invites you to explore the reasons behind your overeating and as a result a weight problem, emotional overeating and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

The book shows the parallels between emotional overeating, eating disorders and relationship addiction and of benefit to those who are at present in difficult and dysfunctional relationships.

It gives hope and inspiration to those who are still seeking their way to a slim body, life without food addiction and harmony with themselves.

This book is a tool to help you work on yourself, find the road to  healthy weight and life without food addiction!I do believe that if we want and ready to change, wonderful things can be achieved!

My everyday mission is to help you achieve your goals in terms of weight loss and health. Consultations are designed to help you lose the weight you want to lose, improve your body image, self-esteem and establish a healthy relationship with yourself, your body and food. 

If you suffer from an eating disorder, the consultation is designed to help you realize the cause of your eating disorder or compulsive overeating and other issues associated with it, show the way to recovery and support you all the way through. The process of recovery is challenging but very fruitful in the end! Life without food addiction is the aim for any person with an eating disorder.

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